The 20th anniversary silverorange art project

Steven Garrity
Grid of 12 square pieces of visual art
The 12 works of the 20th anniversary of silverorange art project

We asked some of our friends and members of our team to create pieces of visual art to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of silverorange. The response was delightful. We first showed these pieces at the 20th anniversary party and we will be framing them for permanent display at the silverorange offices in Charlottetown. Thanks to all who participated.

Daniel Burka

Metallic orange slice rendered in 3D
Daniel Burka — digital

NEW YORK/LONDON — Daniel is one of the original founders of silverorange and helped lead our design efforts for years. While he went on to work at Digg, TinySpeck, Milk, GV (née Google Ventures), and now Resolve to Save Lives, Daniel is still a co-owner and active advisor to silverorange. While Daniel has lived in San Francisco, New York, Bangalore, and is now setting up in London, he always makes it back to Atlantic Canada for our annual company retreat.

This glassy 3D slice sketch was from a set of experiments Daniel kicked off a few years ago, exploring how we could evolve the visual identity and logo of silverorange. We’ve opted to stick with our classic slice logo for now—it too was a Daniel Burka creation—drawn in Corel Draw back in 1999.

Geoff Gibson

Arrangement of stylized line art illustrations including orange slice, iPod, basketball, game controller, music notes, trophy, tools, etc.
Geoff Gibson — digital

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Geoff Gibson is a close friend to many of us at silverorange. He worked with us for a little over a year, joining when the company was only a few months old. Geoff now works as a designer for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in Ottawa and creates visual art of his own. Geoff started with a list of memories and ideas he associates with silverorange. His list includes: Weekly BBQ, hikes all over the world (primarily California sequoias), , building (houses, crafts, websites, etc), healthcare, music, awards, frisbee golf, coffee, PEI, family, among many others. The border around the outside is a nod to the intricate wooden gingerbread decoration on our Charlottetown office.

Tom Hughes

Oil painting of orange with silver sticker
Tom Hughes — oil on canvas

SCITUATE, MASSACHUSETTS — Tom Hughes is a close friend and something of a company godfather. Tom served as the creative director at Apple, Polaroid, and idealLab! and has been a generous friend and mentor to many of us at silverorange. Tom created this remarkable oil painting with an actual orange posing as a model. It will hang in our office as a reminder of Tom’s friendship and kindness.

Digitally altered photo of subway station with signs reading 'silver line' and 'orange line'
Tom Hughes — digital photo combination

Tom also took a series of photos of Boston transit system and composed them into this mythical meeting of the silver and orange lines. If you look closely, there’s a slice in there.

Kendra Kohler

Cross-stitch reading '20th' with orange slice
Kendra Kohler — cross-stitch (with apologies to Kendra for the pre-ironed and pre-stretched photo)

GIBSONS, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Kendra joined silverorange as a developer in 2018 and works from her home in Gibsons, British Columbia (the Beachcombers town!). She designed and crafted this custom cross-stitch for our 20th anniversary, but it’s not her first cross stitch for silverorange. During her first month, she made this beautiful cross-stitch slice that hangs in our office kitchen in Charlottetown.

Steven Garrity

Abstract mountain horizon with sunset
Steven Garrity — digital

CHARLOTTETOWN, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND — I’m one of the original founders of silverorange and the company’s Creative Director. While I’ve got 20 years of experience with visual design, I don’t have strong illustration skills. I’m happy to dive into help a client improve the visual design and experience of a website, but give me a blank canvas and I freeze up.

I worked around these limitations by deconstructing our slice logo. I broke it down into simple geometric shapes and reconstituted them as a sun setting over a mountain horizon. The mountains are the two tips of the slice logo, the objects in the sky, and the sun itself, are from the dots on the peel of the slice logo.

Nikki Babaii

Vintage VHS casette box with title 'silverorange'
Nikki Babaii — digital

_CHARLOTTETOWN, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND _ — Nikki Babaii spent the summer of 2019 with us as part of the UPEI co-op program. Nikki recast the iconic Scotch VHS cassette design with silverorange themes and impressive fidelity.

Stephen DesRoches

Orange fruit slice painted to look like silverorange logo
Stephen DesRoches — oil on fruit

CHARLOTTETOWN, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND — Stephen DesRoches joined as one of our earliest employees when the company was three-years old back in 2002. He works from our Charlottetown office as one of our lead designers and is also a talented photographer with a book coming out this year.

Stephen ambitiously took an actual slice of a real fresh orange and painted it in the style of our logo. While he shared this with us as an experiment, it was an immediate favourite given the rich effect of the mixture of paint and actual orange juice.

Abstract outline of orange slice
Stephen DesRoches — digital

Stephen also created this minimal slice silhouette. It was created as a possible sticker for the back of Apple laptops back when the Apple logo was back-lit. It may crop up in our branding again as it’s such an effective rendering of the shape of the slice with so few visual elements.

Sean Martell

Firefox logo blended with silverorange logo
Sean Martell — digital

_NOVA SCOTIA _ — Sean Martell is the creative lead at Mozilla who worked for years in Toronto before returning to work from his home province of Nova Scotia. We had the pleasure of working with Sean during our collaboration on early Firefox branding and went on to refine the Firefox logo over several generations. Sean was generous with his talents and responded to our request within hours with his combination of the Firefox and silverorange logos.

Nick Burka

Collage with photos of people
Nick Burka — physical & digital collage

MONTREAL, QUEBEC — Nick is a founding partner at silverorange and works as one of our lead developers from his home in Montreal, Quebec. With masters in art history, Nick brings a unique background to this project. He was inspired by the collage works of the German artist Hannah Höch and created this collage as a physical piece, before capturing it with a digital camera and finishing it off in Photoshop. It’s full of visual easter-eggs and company history, but we suspect it was mostly an elaborate ruse to be able to put his own face on the canvas.

Grid of 20 cartoon style characters
Nick Burka — digital (based on Pablo Stanley’s avataaars

Nick also used this project as the impetus to update this set of avatars of the team at silverorange based on Pablo Stanley’s delightful avataaars library. You can create your own with the web editor.

Thank you all!

Thanks to all of the artists who participated in our project. It was fun to reconnect and I’m looking forward to having the pieces framed to hang in our office as we begin our third decade.