20 Years of silverorange party!

Nick Burka

To celebrate the twentieth birthday of silverorange we invited all of the people connected to the company over those two decades to join us for a party in Charlottetown, PEI. It was an evening of wonderful food (oysters, potato bar, and even Cow’s ice cream), meeting up with family and friends, and taking time to remember what has gotten us this far.

Thanks to Daniel Burka and Stephen Desroches for the wonderful photos! And thank you to everyone who joined us and for those who sent well wishes.

Group of people smiling and clapping

Young boy and girl eating ice cream

Woman and boy smiling

Family smiling

Kids coloring

Two young boys

Couple smiling

Woman in crowd

Man looking surprised

People playing trivia game

Woman smiling with Kendra name-tag

Woman smiling with wine glass

Man looking thoughtful

Woman watching

Two men talking and laughing

Man in suit holding baby in car seat

Three friends smiling

Couple smiling

Two women smiling

People getting whip cream at ice cream bar

Close-up of oysters

Man preparing oysters

Cake with silverorange logo and anniversary wish from Connolly Group

Man with young child

Woman speaking at microphone

Person in crowd

Man watching in crowd

Woman smiling in crowd

Man watching

Man in suit

Man watching and smiling

Man with glasses chatting

Women talking

Man smiling

People watching video on projector screen of man speaking

People making name tags

Man taking photo with zoom lens

Man clapping and smiling

Two men speaking at microphone

People presenting framed artwork

People watching in bar

Man smiling in black and white

Man with beard watching

Father and son

Man with beard smiling

Man with beard and glasses

Crowd speaking outdoors