An architectural sketch is returned to its rightful home

Steven Garrity

A gift 100 years in the making

Framed architectural sketch of house
Photos by Stephen DesRoches

We bought the beautiful century-old Victorian G.A.W. Robertson House from architect David Bergmark in 2003 to use as silverorange HQ. In the time since, it’s been painstakingly restored and granted a Heritage Award in 2016.

David dropped by last month with a gift. He had an original architectural sketch and specification document that he had found in the walls of the building decades earlier.

After having the document framed in his office for years, David thought it should stay with the building. The document presumably dates to around 1900, when the building was built.

It is now hanging proudly in the main foyer. Thanks David!

Blurry close up of old architectural specifications Blurry close up of old architectural sketch Blurry close up of old architectural sketch
Interior entrance area of office with ornate wooden railing
The view from the front entrance at 84 Fitzroy Street

Thanks to Stephen DesRoches for the photos.