Neon: Quickly review stuff and share with your friends

Steven Garrity
White circular Neon logo on purple background

We at silverorange have been working on new product we call Neon.

Update: The domain has a new owner. We had fun building Neon and used it as a platform to learn and experiment. It served its purpose well but we have since decided to shut it down.

The goal of Neon is to allow you to quickly review stuff and share the reviews with your friends.

With this prototype, we’re trying to learn if people can create compelling reviews quickly—usually from a mobile device.

You can already post elaborate reviews on dedicated review sites, or even Medium, but these take a significant amount of time to craft. On the other end of the spectrum, you can make a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post that says “love it”. We wanted something in between.

Our initial vision combines a photo, a simple rating (out of 10), an emoji, and a few other quick fields. From this input, we build a simple and fun review that’s easily shared on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you like.

Here are a few example reviews:

Plate of food with 10/10 rating and sunglasses emoji
Food by Ottolenghi. Cool-shades rating badge by Neon.
Small yellow boat with text Ilulissat Water Taxi in icy water
Ilulissat Water Taxi review by our resident guy-who's-been-to-Greenland-twice.
Person wearing black-framed glasses
Glasses by Warby Parker. Face by Nick.
Close-up of game board with trail pieces
Review of Ticket to Ride Board Game

Creating reviews with Neon is limited to a group of early testers for now. If you’re interested in trying it out or learning when it becomes more widely available, ~~sign up and we’ll let you know~~.