Mug for the camera

Kristen Ford

What fuels a team? Inspiration? Grit? Can do attitudes? Just like the editorial team at Ars Technica, we gotta admit it’s coffee. While there probably are more efficient caffeine delivery systems, these are some of our favourite mugs to pour coffee into our faces and not our keyboards.

Kelly’s Garfield

Woman smiling with Garfield mug

When Dan left, I decided I wanted to use his Garfield mug and have become attached to it—I use it on the days I’m sluggish and NEED my coffee, because on the inside rim it is written : “Face It....” to which it reminds me to drink that damn coffee and face whatever large tasks I have to do that day! Kick in the Pants Coffee Mug! It also doesn’t turn into a scalding hot vessel when microwaved (I’m looking at you, plain white mugs).

Steven’s Reusable Roll-up

White porcelain coffee mug with torn Tim Horton's Roll-Up-The-Rim tab on the edge
Now it’s artisanal!

With only a minor customization to this otherwise understated mug, I can enjoy the thrill of Tim Hortons’ Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win™ season all year round.

Nick’s Heath Ceramics

Man holding up ceramic mug

It’s a good, solid mug. Solid heft, but not too heavy. A lip that’s thin, but not too thin. I guess I like a goldilocks mug. But not with goldilocks on it or in the shape of a bear or something. That breaks my “no novelty mugs in my kitchen” rule (in your kitchen it’s fine).

Kristen’s Shark Friends

Shark-shaped coffee mug and matching paper-clip holder
Mega for coffee, mini for mega paperclips

I have a soft spot for all things grey, sharky and handmade. So of course I bought mini Chomp, brazenly assuming I could be an espresso person. As it turns out, Aeropresses are daunting when you’re uncaffeinated! Who knew? Enter mega mug, the perfect-sized shark to hold large volumes of hastily-brewed, comparatively-dilute caffeine.

Jacky’s Glam Breakfast

Coffee mug with glam-rock illustration

Who doesn’t want to start the day with a little Bowie? Especially a Bowie drawn by Canadian Hero™ Kate Beaton! A cup of black in this miraculous mug will raise you like Lazarus, transforming you from a Space Oddity to a Pretty Thing who’s thinking “Let’s Dance!” (Okay, I’ll stop.)

Mike’s Double-shot Espresso

Espresso shot in clear glass with coaster

This is a cheap, mass-produced espresso mug. Do you like coffee but don’t like the time it takes to make a latte? Espresso may be for you. Also pictured: vintage 1999 veneer desk surface.

Jacob’s Bob Ross

Coffee mug with photo of painter Bob Ross

Dropped the production database? With Bob Ross by your side that’s just another happy little accident.

Isa’s Receiver Coffee

Coffee mug with logo of Receiver Coffee

Have to represent Receiver Coffee Co, best local roaster and coffee shop. You know you spend too much time at your local when they know your birthday and hand you a mug.

Keith’s Moe Vember

Man drinking from coffee mug with mustache and frowning face

This mug was handmade by Michael Stanley, a pal of mine who produces some really beautiful pottery in his Victoria, Prince Edward Island studio. I was growing a gnarly mustache for Movember a few years back when my girlfriend spotted this mug at Michael’s studio and promptly bought it for me.